Suriname Port Services N.V.


Length      72 meters
Depth       12.0 – 13.0 meters (ISLW) Design Depth

Height from water surface top of cope     1.50 meters
Tidal Range

  • Spring              2.40 meters
  • Neaps              2.00 meters
  • Maximum         2.40 meters

Bollards                      8 bollards with centres of 9.0 meter
maximum pull = 100 tonnes
Swinging Basin     For SPS call and for safe bridge passage required an air draft of 41 meters

Wharf fender width   1.50 meter

Container Stacking Areas

Import and Export
Total Leased Area
Total Terminal Area                2.40 hectares
Available for Development     0.45 hectares

Mobile Equipment

Mobile harbour cranes
Stackers, Forklifts, terminal tractors & chassis:
1 x Terex superstackers (45t);
1 x telehandler forkltruck 4.0 ton;
1 x loader with forkattachment 8.0 ton;
1 x forkltruck 9.0 ton:
1 x forkl. tr 2.5 ton.

Road and Rail Transport

Road Vehicle Parking Slots
On-site Railway Tracks